Alex Johnson

Why Prazo: Distilled

Alex Johnson
Why Prazo: Distilled

By now, you’ve probably clicked through and taken in all that the Prazo life has to offer. But, even if you haven’t, we thought it might be nice to bring all it together, for your TL;DR pleasure.

Embracing the Prazo life means simultaneously simplifying your automotive experience, embracing a dynamic, eco-friendly approach and loading up with a steady flow of perks that add the perfect, personalized touch to your lifestyle.

Here’s how Prazo hooks it up:

The Service

Think of Prazo as your ideal concierge. What do we mean by that? Simply put, we take the hassles of homework and haggling out of your car lease journey. We aim to provide frictionless, meaningful mobility that maximizes your flexibility and engineers the pain out of your vehicular venture.

On top of that, every month, we’ll keep you stocked with products from over 50 lifestyle partners. Those products and perks include (but are not limited to) great gear, free gas, and insider access to travel, dining and events. And, if those events aren’t necessarily conducive to getting behind the wheel, well, count on us for a free rideshare back home.

And, because frictionless and hassle-free means frictionless and hassle-free, we throw in the ease of free vehicle delivery and maintenance, which can end up surfacing as a hidden cost in a lot of lease agreements.

And all of this is managed from your handiest mobile device.

The Car

Here’s the deal: The 2017 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in electric comes to you (literally: see above) for $299 (plus tax) a month over a 24-month subscription. And, for now, we’re offering a $300 initial gift, which, essentially, makes your first month with Prazo free. Remember that swag bag of goodies we mentioned earlier? How does $500 worth of awesome perks from the jump sound? Good? Of course good!

You know the fiscal drill: Hybrids save on gas, which saves you money, which makes you feel great. Not to mention, the C-Max Energi is compact, highly regarded in the industry and zips around town at an eco-amazing, EPA-certified 88 mpg. We recommend EV mode for your urban adventures, and the full hybrid functionality for your extra-city journeys.

Ease comes in green (and other colors)

Highways don’t just call your name in Southern California, they insist upon your presence. No one likes getting caught in a jam, but honestly how avoidable are they? Somewhat to very, it turns out! This is because you, the Prazo-ist extraordinaire, have taken an eco-friendly approach to transit, and the Golden State wants to reward you with High Occupancy Vehicle lane access!

Read more about how to slap a Green Clear Air Vehicle decal on your window and fly past the bottlenecks here.

Now for the hard part…picking your C-Max Energi’s paint job.

About those perks...

Prazo Perks come fully loaded. They exist to supplement and enhance your life beyond the driver’s seat. Whether you’re a coffee nut, hiking enthusiast, style maven, or into just about anything else, we’ve got insider tips and discounted gear for days.

Car ownership is about the freedom of movement. Unfortunately, you can spend more time worrying about your car than worrying about where it can take you next. Prazo strives to turn that “can” into a “never.” From oil changes to equipment, service is always just a few taps away. And, just a friendly reminder, pick-up and drop-off are always taken care of.

What’s next?

Hopefully you’ve come away from this convinced that a Prazo life is the life for you. But, if you have any lingering concerns, we’re always down to chat!

Check out our FAQ page or hit us up at 844-GO-PRAZO (1-844-467-7296) or via our contact page: Contact Us